LCSNA Spring 2022 Virtual Meeting

22 and 23 April 2022

Useful Links and Further Reading

Presentation by Samir Ghosh and Elea Zhong
AI Looking Glass: Lewis Carroll's Characters Seen Through the Whimsical Perspective of an Artificial Intelligence

The AI Looking-Glass Model

Use the model online: Click Here

Bibliography of images: Click Here

AI Software

The AI open source project referred to by Elea Zhong: Click Here

Article by Jack Morris referred to by Elea Zhong: Click Here

Further AI examples referred to by Elea Zhong in the social hour: Click Here

Further AI examples referred to by Elea Zhong in the social hour: Click Here

Elea Zhong's Social Media

Website: Click Here

Twitter: Click Here

Other Links

Article on copyright law relating to AI art: Click Here (posted by Jesse Drian)

Presentation by Kiera Vaclavik
Ballet Shoes and Hair Ribbons

Queen Mary University of London

Professor Vaclavik's Page: Click Here

Further Reading

'Of Bands, Bows, and Brows: Hair, the Alice Books, and the Emergence of a Style Icon' by Kiera Vaclavik in Fairy Tale Fashion By Colleen Hill with Patricia Mears, Ellen Sampson and Kiera Vaclavik, Yale University Press, 2016, Pages 253-268

Other Links

Example of the term "Wonderland" as used in travel guides: Click Here (provided by Heather Simmons)

Persephone Books as referred to in the second social hour:

Presentation by Brian Sibley, Andy Malcolm and George Walker
Alice in Guinnessland

Cheshire Cat Press

Cheshire Cat Press Website:

Cheshire Cat Press Email:

Further Viewing

Andy Malcolm's film "Sincerely Yours" can be found on the LCSNA YouTube Channel: Click Here

Presentation by Michael Dooley
Paddy Whacked: John Tenniel, Thomas Nast, and Irish Caricatures

Further Reading

Further discussion of this subject can be found in R. F. Foster 'Paddy & Mr. Punch: Connections in Irish and English History' (Allen Lane. 1993) pp.171-194. (Thanks to Brian Riddle for this information)

Presentation by George Englebretsen and Mark Richards
More Than Just “an Obscure Writer on Logic”:
George Englebretsen’s critical insights into Charles Dodgson’s contributions to the field of logic.

Carrollian Notes by George Englebretsen

Information about Carrollian Notes by George Englebretsen

Order Carrollian Notes through Blackwells (UK)

Order Carrollian Notes through Amazon (USA)

The Carrollian Issue #28

Issue #28, of The Carrollian published by The Lewis Carroll Society (UK) comprises a series of essays on Lewis Carroll’s ‘What the Tortoise said to Achilles’. This is a scholarly work recommended for anyone exploring the advanced aspects of Carroll’ work.

Order The Carrollian issue #28 through The Lewis Carroll Society (UK)

If you are in full-time education and you believe that this special issue of The Carrollian is relevant to your studies, you may be able to obtain a complimentary copy courtesy of Gryphon Educational Trust. For further information simply send an email (with a brief account of your studies) to:

NOTE: earlier there was a mistake in the email address given above.
This has now been corrected. Apologies for any inconvenience.

‘The Game of Logic’ demonstrator

Learn how the Game of Logic works on the Lewis Carroll Resources website

Mark Richards' Personal Website:

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